Gomboc Player

Gomboc Player is a read-only version of the Gomboc simulator, that allows you or your clients to experience a simulation of your boat design without the capability to modify it.

Gomboc Designer can create an encrypted version of your model for use with a Gomboc Player licence, and that model can then be used in Simulation – or potentially VPP optimisation – to allow your sailing team or customers to experience your boat. Some typical use-cases for Gomboc Player:

  • You are a sailing team and ask SumToZero build a model of your boat to learn how best to sail it, and how to extract most performance of it. You do not need to modify the design of the boat.
  • You are a yacht design office who uses Gomboc Designer, and you want to provide your customers with simulations of the yachts you are designing for them, whilst protecting your IP in terms of hull surfaces and CFD data.
  • You have asked SumToZero to help with some aspect of design, such as an autopilot system, and want to experience the behaviour of the yacht with the proposed design.

Example project

One of our customers, Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering, has built a model of the Olympic class Nacra 17 catamaran. The model is offered to Nacra 17 sailors with a Gomboc Player licence.

Morrelli & Melvin have produced this video showcasing their model within Gomboc

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