Can I integrate external results, such as CFD hull data, or sail data from North Sails, into a Gomboc model?

Yes. Any data that provides forces – and optionally other outputs – as a function of parameters can be used. The data should be be organised into a PZ CSV format, where the columns represent parameters, forces and other outputs, and each row reports a condition (e.g. CFD run). As an example, you may have a matrix of 50 CFD runs for a hull. Columns could be Speed, Sink, Trim and Leeway as Parameters, and Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz as Outputs, and each row would represent the result of one CFD run. Additional columns might be Wetted Surface Area, Viscous Drag, Wave Drag, etc. These additional columns won’t affect the Gomboc solution (unless you use them to compute some other forces) but will be output for information.

Gomboc has several built-in methods for creating a smooth fit surface to the input data, and interpolating over that fit to estimate a solution at any combination of parameters.