World’s first green hydrogen producing ‘flying yacht’

The digital twin of the world’s first green hydrogen producing ‘flying yacht’  was modeled in Gomboc. The yacht was demonstrated by DRIFT to the public at SailGP in Plymouth, UK.

A word from DRIFT: “At DRIFT Energy we develop energy vessels which harness sustainable ocean energy, store it onboard and deliver it to shore, providing energy security for remote coastal communities as well as the wider market. Gomboc helps us assess the performance of the vessel and make necessary changes to enhance the energy generation efficiency. It allows us to test a broad range of factors in the virtual world to give us confidence in our design choices managing the complex balance of forces from different rig, hull and appendage configurations. SumToZero supports our design team in every step of the way, from familiarizing our design team with the tool to customizing the elements of the tool for our unique design challenges.