Why is SumToZero’s simulation software called Gomboc?

When first used within Emirates Team New Zealand, it was simply known as “Dan’s VPP”. As its use grew, it clearly needed its own identity. Dan spent a weekend trying to come up with a catchy name, but the one he chose was ridiculed by the team, and will never be mentioned again! “So, what […]

What steering wheel can I use with Gomboc?

To drive Gomboc in dynamics mode as a simulator, it’s easiest to use a steering wheel. Any wheel that supports DirectInput can be used – although we may well be able to add a customisation to run something else. For a desk set-up, we recommend a Logitech G29, which is relatively inexpensive, has force feedback, […]

Can I script Gomboc?

Yes. Everything that can be done through Gomboc’s GUI can also be scripted, either using Gomboc’s internal JavaScript interface, or using its external API. Please get in touch for more details.

What support does my licence include?

A paid Gomboc licence includes support to help you get set-up and answer any questions you have using the software, over the duration of the licence period. If you need more extensive support, for example, building models or making customisations to suit your project, this will be charged at 85 EUR/hour.

What skills or experience do I need to use Gomboc?

To use Gomboc in dynamics mode, as a sailing simulator with an existing boat model, you need no experience at all – although some sailing skills would help! Running VPPs is a bit more involved, but once you understand the concepts of locking and unlocking parameters and choosing what you want to optimise, our GUI […]

I’m not confident building a model. Can you help?

Yes, if you’re not keen on building your own Gomboc boat model, we’d be very happy to build a model for you. Typically, it would take around 50 – 80 hours to build a model, and our time would be charged at 85 EUR/hour. However, it is very dependent on the data provided to us; […]

How do I start modelling my boat?

The easiest way is to start with an existing demo model supplied with Gomboc, then start modifying the different components. We can help you get started with this.

Can I transfer my Gomboc licence to another machine?

Yes. If you know in advance that you will be moving it from one machine to another, it’s easier if you let us know before installing your first licence. We don’t have an automatic procedure for removing a licence from an old machine, but can do this in a video call with you.

Can I model several boats using one licence

Yes, with a full Gomboc licence you can model any number of boats, unless otherwise specified in the licence terms. However, if you only need the licence to model a specific boat, we can sometimes offer a discount for this case.