Zero emission Fast Ferry hydrofoil concept “ZeFF”

ZeFF simulation with Gomboc

The new full flight hydrofoil concept “ZeFF” developed by LMG Marin France would be able to carry 180 passengers flying at high-speed with electric propulsion.

For this project, LMG Marin actively uses Gomboc as a design and simulation tool. The challenge of making the 28m ferry ZeFF fly is achieved in close collaboration with Pixel sur Mer. Its experts use Gomboc capability to communicate as an NMEA 0183 device – transmitting and receiving information in real time – in order to run real-time simulation in Gomboc where the flight parameters (heel, ride-height, pitch, speed, etc.) of the ZeFF are controlled throught Pixel Sur Mer devices.

The ZeFF concept finished 1st out of the 4 designers contracted to develop zero emission and energy efficient high speed passenger ferry design for local Norwegian coastal counties. This marked a first milestone of the development of an innovative emission-free passenger-commuting solution.