Remarkable successes for Koch-Finot-Conq at the Transat Jacques Vabre

Koch Finot Conq

We would like to salute Koch-Finot-Conq team’s impressive podium at the 16th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre. Sam Goodchild and Antoine Koch finish 3rd, after Thomas Ruyant and Morgan Lagravière with “For People” (1st), and Yoann Richomme et Yann Eliès with “Paprec Arkea” (2nd).

Both “For People” and “Paprec Arkea” have been launched in March 2023 and are the result of a design carefully carried out by Koch-Finot-Conq team. We are very thrilled to announce that team Koch-Finot-Conq trusted SumToZero’s software solutions both during the design phase with the Gomboc Designer and in each team during the training phase with the Gomboc Player. 

This example of a Gomboc Player simulation of the “Paprec Arkea” has been put together by Thomas Dalmas, who actively contributed to build the Koch-Finot-Conq Gomboc platform along with Bobby Kleinschmit and Antoine Koch. The video shows how the boat reacts live to a change of keel cant angle (36”) and later to a variation of the sails trimming parameters (2’15”). 

During the simulation, the rudder yaw direction is actively controlled by an autopilot on the TWA. Values of interest – such as the foil righting moment or maximum CL – are available live on the window as overlays and can be exported for further analysis. 

Using its built-in Fluid-Structure-Interaction model, Gomboc has the capability to compute the deformations of the foil live. On the video, the deformed foil shape is displayed alongside the undeformed foil shape, highlighting the deformation magnitude of this IMOCA’s foil and its importance for performance prediction. For additional information, the CL measured at each foil segment is reported on the deformed shape as a coloured scale.

IMOCA Deformed Foil Gomboc